We love our products, and are so happy when you do, too! Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions and concerns - OR COMPLIMENTS - at cs@irenesbakery.com. Here are just a few reviews from happy customers like you!

Laurie 07/14/2017

Hi, When you see a label that reads “No fat, no sodium, no refined sugar” your first thought usually is “yeah…and no taste.” WRONG!! Every Irene’s Bakery and Gourmet item that my family and I eat are the most satisfyingly delicious treats we’ve come across in a long time. We have sampled–and buy!–everything from your latkes to potato and spinach puffs to the wonderful assortment of biscotti. And it is a true bonus that your products have minimal carbs and sugars. Can’t thank you enough. No fat, no sodium, no refined sugar…but all taste! Best, Laurie

Melissa 06/24/2017

Hello! We just tried the spinach knish and sweet potato bites from our local Sprouts Market here in Austin TX. I’m a Philly girl that’s been living in Texas since 2004 so I wanted to support one of my local hometown businesses. The spinach knish got better each bite I took. My husband and I each ate 2 but the surprise was my 11yo son LOVED them – he ate 2 as well. The sweet potato bites are very good!! I heated them in my oven and put just a little butter on each bite. Delicious! One bit of feedback – the sweet potato paper that they are wrapped in was difficult to remove and the bite fell apart a bit. I removed it before I baked them because I wasn’t sure if they would burn.

Carla 05/08/2017

My daughter loves Irene’s biscotti so I mail them regularly to her at college.

Marcy 05/08/2017

I love your biscotti, and have introduced them to a number of my friends. I wish Wegmans still carried them, but I’m glad I have the option of buying them directly from you. Keep baking! MArcy

Tracy 4/26/2017

Wow. You are amazing. I am obsessed with all of your items and truly love the product. You give people a way to enjoy sweet items but maintain their healthfulness and their sanity! My entire family eats the products and I will forever continue to order from you. Given how much we love the biscotti, I thought maybe we would try the black and white cookies as something different. My kids always ask for them and I never trust the sugary ones from a random store. Yours I would! By the way, I am wondering if there is any role I can take in helping you spread the word. There are many health food stores in NYC and I would love to take your products there as a sampling for them to someday keep in their stores. There are few products I truly believe in and yours is one of them. I would do anything you need to help see the company and the products come to an even greater fruition. I am currently a stay-at-home mom for another year and my son is starting half day school and camp soon. This would give me extra time if there is any need you see for assistance in New York City. Just something I had been thinking about because as I mentioned, this is one company I have a great affinity and love for. Thanks so much again for everything. Looking forward to placing our next order for a million biscotti soon. And when I saw a million I am not exaggerating. We love them!

Jo-Ann Woolf 02/16/2017

I’ve been using your fat free biscottis for about 6 months and never thought of ordering online… Drove 45 minutes to whole foods today to stock up as the whole foods 20 minutes from me don’t carry them nor the wegmans. But I will be ordering soon as your flavor variety is awesome. I can’t help but spread the word about this product!!! And now I can spread this website!!! Thanks again as this product has truly helped me keep focused on my fitness goals! Sincerely, Jo-Ann Woolf Easton MA

Lauren 01/31/2017

Hello. A few weeks ago I had ordered some biscotti. I subsequently wrote you to tell you that it appeared that 4 boxes of chocolate chip/cherry biscotti were substituted for the 4 cranberry biscotti I had ordered. I was really just letting you know that a mistake had occurred so that you could take steps to guard against that type of mistake happening again. To my surprise, 4 containers of cranberry biscotti arrived by mail today. I want to thank you for taking responsibility to make things right. I appreciate that mistakes happen, and it is always nice to know that there are some businesses that go out of their way to correct them, and make their customers’ satisfaction a priority. I have already put in a re-order. Again, thank you for the way you handled this. I do appreciate it. Sincerely, Lauren Strelsin

Rosaline 11/25/2014

I LOVE your products! I recently developed a medical condition that forces me to limit sodium and sugar from my diet. Your products allow me to still enjoy a treat without any concerns. They are beautiful, healthy and tasty, so thank you for offering them. You are doing a wonderful thing. Thanks, Rosaline

Carmen 01/01/2015

I first found out about Irene’s Bakery when I found their biscotti at my local Whole Foods. I must say that these biscotti are truly delicious. Definitely worth the purchase!

Jennifer 01/11/2015

I am a health conscious person, who works out daily, watches what I eat and counts calories. Like most people, I like to have a sweet treat. Your products are so delicious, fulfilling my sweet tooth and allowing me not to feel guilty. I sometimes go through a whole box of the biscotti’s in one day. I would say on average I buy two to three boxes a week. I am a personal trainer and when having the talk about nutrition with my clients, I always bring up your products, especially the biscotti’s. My clients are hooked and so am I. The best part is they can fulfill their sweet tooth while still losing weight! I recommend these to anyone I run into. I would love to see more flavors, however for now the cranberry almond flavor is my favorite. I love your products! Thank you!

Vicki 01/16/2015

Let me start by saying that my email is very complimentary. I believe it is important for consumers to share positive comments especially when the products are as wonderful as these. I discovered your delicious line of biscotti while shopping at Sprouts and so pleased that I did. Quality you can taste in every single bite! Being a recent cancer survivor I have had to make many changes in my diet to include healthier eating options especially where deserts are concerned. Your biscotti are everything I want and nothing that I don’t. A light and healthier choice for me to enjoy at dessert time or anytime. My favorites so far are the Cranberry and Pistachio Vanilla and a bonus is that they are fat free. I plan on working my way through every product you have to offer. I even bring them to work gatherings for my friends to enjoy. Thank you for making such a simply delicious product that I can enjoy while meeting all my stricter dietary guidelines. You are a most welcome addition to my home and you have a very pleased customer for life. Kindest Regards, Vicki

Bonnie 01/21/2015

I discovered your products at a random visit to a Whole Foods supermarket in Maplewood, NJ. All I can say is…HOLY HEALTHY COW!!! Your products are absolutely incredible…AND low fat and low calorie…which is the hardest part for me to believe. My favorites so far are the chocolate dipped meringue cookies and I ate 3 of them at a time and felt zero guilt!!! I don’t know what you do or how you do it…but please don’t stop!!! Looking forward to receiving the order I just placed and I’m excited to give the Biscotti a shot. They are clearly a hot item!! Thanks for the sweet treats!

Pat D. 02/24/2015

LOVE THESE!!!! My grocery no longer carries them so have to pay shipping fees to have them sent to me. I share them at weekly coffee gab visits with friends. Healthy, tasteful and low in calories.

Malia 01/28/2015

I am OBSESSED with these cookies by Irene’s Bakery & Gourmet Kitchen, Inc.! 20 calories per cookie and they are big (delicious) cookies. YUM!

Saskia 05/23/2015

Very tasty biscotti, and crunchy too!