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    1. Chocolate Covered Pretzels

      Chocolate Covered Pretzels


      These chocolate covered pretzels are the best you've ever had. Rich, smooth chocolate covering pretzels with just the right amount of salt. You're welcome!

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    2. Mom’s Choco-Fit Almond Sea salt Bar

      Mom’s Choco-Fit Almond Sea salt Bar


      A no guilt protein packed bar, it doesn’t get any better than this. For a quick burst of energy and the natural benefits of antioxidants that dark chocolate provides, you can depend on our delicious real food bar. This melt in your mouth chocolate delight is full of nuts and seeds and lightly sweetened with raw organic agave. Use as an energy bar, healthy snack, or a treat at the end of the day! Our Choco-Fit Bars come in Almond Sea Salt and Espresso flavors.

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    3. Mom’s Skinny Mint Cookie

      Mom’s Skinny Mint Cookie


      Claimed to be highly addictive by our customers, this allergen-free treat brings you back to your childhood. This is especially true for many of our customers, who because of allergies haven’t been able to enjoy a treat like this in a long time. We use a bean and root based flour, natural sweetener, and pure dark chocolate mixed with organic mint oil. No gluten, dairy, refined sugar, or eggs… but absolutely loaded with flavor! Our Skinny Mint cookie is also under 200 calories… so all that taste won’t add to your waist!!

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