Some of my fondest childhood memories

Some of my fondest childhood memories

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of my grandmother baking—the warm scent of cinnamon rugallah filling her home, the apron knotted tightly around her back, the flour on the counter. It was her love language. I inherited her passion for baking and the same desire to feed those that I love.

Fortunately for me, my life is filled to the brim with work, children, grandchildren, and of course a healthy dose of adventure. And I want it to last for as long as it can. Now that it’s my turn to feed my family—and all of my lovely customers—I’ve made a few healthy tweaks to my family’s favorite kosher recipes.

Every delicious Irene’s Bakery product, from our famous Fat Free Biscotti to the Spinach Knishes, is low in fat and sodium and created without processed sugar. Why is this important? Glad you asked!

Maintaining a healthy weight reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and a host of other ailments. Whether I’m trying to lose a few pounds or maintain my weight, watching my fat intake helps me control my calorie consumption. A gram of fat contains nine calories compared to four calories for a gram of carbohydrate or protein, which means that lower fat equals lower calories. This is especially true in my products because we don’t add processed sugar to make up for the low fat content.

Instead, we use organic evaporated cane juice to provide sweetness without the empty calories or chemicals in processed sugar. Plus, organic evaporated can juice contains more nutrients than highly processed sugar!

The final key to our healthy trifecta is low sodium. While sodium is necessary for our bodies to function properly, high levels of sodium contribute to high blood pressure and swelling, or water retention, in our extremities. In other words, “Just say no to swollen ankles!”

There was no way I was going to give up my Blintz, Biscotti or Black and White Cookies. And thanks to our traditional recipes with a healthy twist, not only do I not have to give up my favorites; I can even have TWO!

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