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Free Shipping on Bakery orders over $39

We have some VERY exciting news! Our team has heard your requests to lower our shipping rates. Today would like to announce that we are offering free shipping on all non-perishable item orders over $39. All items online under “Bakery” tab qualify! Stock up on biscotti, pastries and cookies now! This offer will automatically apply to qualifying orders in the checkout process!

This offer excludes items in the Gourmet Foods category.  These items are perishable and necessitate a faster delivery and special packaging to ensure freshness. To qualify for free shipping purchase all items under Gourmet Foods separately. If you have any questions or would like to talk to one of my team members please click here.


Happy Heart Health Month

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), nine out of 10 Americans consume too much sodium. The average American consumes 3,400 milligrams of sodium a day, more than double the 1,500 milligram or less recommended for ideal heart health.
Excessive sodium intake may have far-reaching effects on your health by putting you more at risk for high blood pressure, stroke, and heart failure. The AHA reports that high blood pressure is the leading risk factor for death in women in the U.S., contributing to over 200,00 deaths every year. That’s more than four times the number of women who die of breast cancer.

But the impact of a high-sodium diet doesn’t stop there. Elevated consumption of sodium/salt
may also contribute to osteoporosis, kidney disease, stomach cancer, puffiness and bloating.
While restaurants and personal use contribute to sodium intake, 65 percent of sodium comes
from food purchased at supermarkets and convenience stores.
The good news is that by readying labels and choosing brands wisely, you can drastically
reduce your sodium/salt intake. Surprising, the top six saltiest foods to look out for aren’t things
you would think of as salty. They include:
Bread and Rolls

Cold Cuts and Cured Meats
Burritos and Tacos
At Irene’s Bakery, we take the work out of grocery shopping by taking the salt out your favorite
kosher bakery and deli products. Enjoy a fat-free and low-sodium Biscotti with your morning
coffee knowing that you are making a heart-healthy start to your day. Share a Spinach Knish
with a friend confident that it only has a hint of salt. Or end dinner with a sweet Cinnamon Twist
containing only 2 percent of your daily sodium intake. Excited about how Irene’s Bakery can
help you live and love a heart-healthy life? We are too!


Serve Up A Sweet Valentine’s Day

Serve Up A Sweet Valentine’s Day

As you begin planning for Valentine’s Day (hint hint), the key to creating a sweet experience is thinking outside the box, of chocolates that is. Here are a few ideas to make this Valentine’s the best one yet!

Cookies That Love You Back

Irene’s Bakery Valentine’s Day Gift Box is a guilt-free treat full of classic homemade cookies. Low in sodium and in calories, this gift takes care of dessert and your darling’s health. Make sure you order it in time for your Valentine’s Day celebration.

Homemade Card

In the era of texting and emojis, taking the time to put pen to paper is an act of love. And one that will likely result in a cherished keepsake.

Cooking Class

Spice up your kitchen and your Valentine’s Day with a couples cooking class. Not only is this a chance to expand your healthy recipe repertoire, it’s likely to encourage future kitchen collaborations with your partner.

Go Dancing

Put on your dancing shoes and hit the dance floor for a fun, cardio-filled evening. Whatever your preferred style of dance, it’s sure to get your heart racing.

Scavenger Hunt

Get creative with a custom scavenger hunt for your loved one. Design clues that lead to past romantic date spots or favorite local hangs to keep your partner guessing until the final date reveal.

Spa Day

There’s something for everyone at the spa! Design your perfect visit with sports massages, facials, manicures, steams, etc., and end the day with a light but luxurious meal.

Recreate Your First Date

Revisit your meet-cute with a recreation of your first date. Don’t worry about making it perfect, just get as close as you can. Your beloved will be touched that you remember.

A Night In

Stop the busy schedule for one night with a quiet evening at home. Turn off the phones, put aside work and tune in to your sweetheart.

Whatever you decide to do, reflecting on what makes your loved one happy is sure to result in a memorable night.








Irene’s Bakery Eagles Promo January 2019

Score A Free Order

The Eagles, our hometown team, are in the playoffs this weekend and we want to celebrate. Play to win alongside our favorite team.


Place an online order now through kickoff on Sunday, January 13, 2019 at 4:39 pm EST. In the “Order Notes” predict how many points the Eagles will score in the playoff against the Saints.

If you are correct, you scored a free order and your order total will be credited back to your credit card.


So, it’s time to stock up on your favorite Irene’s products and put on your lucky jersey. Go Eagles!




Irene’s Holiday Kitchen Hacks

I’m so happy you enjoyed my baking hacks. It’s true that I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and even more when it’s the holiday season. There’s nothing I love more than seeing the looks on my loved ones faces after they try the delicious treats I’ve made for them. The holidays bring lots of fun and excitement, and sometimes we can tend to get a little behind in the kitchen. Not to worry, though. Below, I’ve pulled together a few of my best kitchen tips—holiday edition—to help you save time and eat healthier this holiday season.


Grill Vegetables Beforehand

Are you planning on grilling or oven roasting vegetables as sides for your dinner?

They can be made three to four days in advance and refrigerated.

Serve them at room temperature, or heat them up in the microwave before serving.




No More Sticky Dough!

When I first started baking bread, this was the most time-consuming part of all. Then I learned a neat tip. Start out by using about 80 percent of the water called for in the recipe.

Add more water as needed, until the dough is formed. More water can then be added in small amounts during the kneading process.

Dip your fingertips in water, and continue to knead the dough until it is soft and not sticky.



Think Ahead of Time

Does the holiday dinner already have you worrying that you won’t have enough time? There are a few different parts of the meal that can be made in advance and frozen.

Challah bread is one of them. A good friend recommended that I try this, and it has been a lifesaver.

I now bake my bread in advance and freeze it before the meal. It still has that fresh, homemade taste.




The Never-Ending Soup Bowl

Cooking for a lot of people can get a little tricky, and I’ve picked up some money-saving hacks over the years.

I always serve my chicken soup with matzo balls, vegetables and noodles.

This is more filling, and can feed a lot more people than just chicken soup by itself.




Filling Side Dishes

Pasta salad and potato salad are all inexpensive, and quick and easy to make. Use red, yellow and green peppers,

as well as colored noodles to make the dishes look more appealing.

These dishes can also be easily made ahead of time and refrigerated. I recommend keeping them in the refrigerator no longer than two days.




Save the Sugar for Dessert

There are a lot of recipes that call for sugar, even savory dishes like salad dressings, roasts with brown sugar, and marinades.

I prefer to use a little bit of honey instead, and save the sugar for dessert.





I hope that you enjoy these holiday tips from my kitchen to yours. Check back often for more baking and cooking hacks, advice, and money-saving tips. I wish you and your loved ones the happiest of holidays. Don’t forget to leave a comment below and let me know if any of the tips worked out for you.

Irene’s Inspiring Words

As a business owner, mother, wife, grandmother and friend, life can get hectic. Staying motivated to eat healthy, exercise regularly and model a healthy life-work balance doesn’t always come naturally. Sometimes, just a few well-written words are all that it takes to inspire me. Even if those words inspire me to rest instead of run. I hope these wise words help you when you need them. If they don’t, there’s always biscotti!

If there’s a quote or saying that motivates you, please share. I’m always looking for new inspiring gems. Or if any of these inspirational quotes resonate with you, please pass them along to others. After all, good things are meant to be shared.

Distribution Announcement

Distribution Announcement

Bensalem, PA – Perfected through generations, Irene’s Bakery & Gourmet Kitchen, Inc., supplies customers with only the highest quality artisan bakery and prepared food products that are available in grocery stores across the country. After more than seven years of growth with MOM’s Organic Market, we were notified they will discontinue our relationship and work with another distributor.


MOM’s decision to end our partnership also means they will stop carrying our Fat & Sodium Free Biscotti, Cheese Cakes and our Raw Gluten Free Chocolate Bars. We regret the inconvenience and impact this may cause to our loyal customers. You can still purchase our products online at www.irenesbakery.com.


Irene’s is a family-owned small business, and we value face-to-face interactions with our businesses partners just as we value seeing the smiles of our satisfied customers. While this news saddens us, we are determined and will continue to build our unique brand of offering a variety of upscale pastry desserts and savory foods.


As Irene’s Bakery expands into new markets with our food products, we are grateful for the support and loyalty from all of our business partners and customers over the years. Our enduring commitment to making tasty foods that are safe, meet the highest quality, and provide optimal nutrition will remain at our core.


Irene’s Bakery and Prepared Foods products are available at the following stores and supermarkets:




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Irene’s I Spy

 What’s better than fat free biscotti? Free biscotti! Find one of five special packages of Irene’s Biscotti placed in Wegman’s,  David’s Market and Roots located in Maryland state and win a $20 online credit.

 Here’s how it works. Five packages of biscotti have been labeled with a special #IrenesISpy sticker. Follow the clues posted on Irene’s Bakery social media to locate the prize pack of biscotti.

Take a picture of the winning treats, with the special   sticker clearly visible, and post to Irene’s Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #IrenesISpy. Each winner will receive a $20 online promo code.

Rules and Regulations:

The promotion will run until all five of the packages have been found. One promo code per person. No purchase necessary to win.


Baking Hacks


A Knack for Baking with Hacks

With experience comes knowledge, and since a lot of my time is spent in the kitchen drafting up new recipes and baking my tasty, healthy treats, I have certainly picked up a tip or two over the years to make my baking process more efficient. Whether you spend long days in the kitchen or prefer to just visit once in a while, these tried-and-true kitchen tips are sure to save you time and make your life easier. Here are a handful of my favorite baking hacks:




Clean-cut Cookies

I used to dread making cookies into fun shapes until I learned this simple trick. Always dip your cookie cutters in flour first. The flour will reduce the amount of sticking between the cutter and the dough, leaving a clean-cut cookie ready for baking.





Room Temp Butter in a Flash

This tip has saved me a ton of time. Using the microwave to warm up chilled butter proved to be a huge mess. Plus, most recipes call for softened, not melted butter. Next time your recipe calls for softened or room temperature butter, try placing the butter between two large pieces of wax paper and use a rolling pin to flatten it, as you would a pie crust. Once the butter is about ¼-inch thick, lift off the wax paper and peel away the butter.




Make Brown Sugar Soft Again

For healthier recipes, brown sugar is a must. The problem is that it often becomes a rock-hard block and is too difficult to work with. A good friend shared a simple tip with me that will surely save you an unneeded trip to the grocery store:

Put brown sugar in a microwave-safe bowl. Cover the bowl with a damp towel and microwave it for 20 seconds and it’s ready to be worked into that healthy treat recipe!




Prevent the Brown Sugar Block

Now you know how to soften brown sugar if necessary, but there is a way to prevent needing that step in the microwave at all. Just store a slice of bread in the container with your brown sugar! You can use any type of sandwich bread for this. The bread won’t get moldy and the sugar remains soft and ready to use.





Keep that Fresh-baked Feel

I love to bake lots of treats for my family and friends and I usually end up with a lot left over. We all know that fresh foods don’t last as long, but I’ve got you covered. Next time you have leftover cookies, store them with an apple wedge. The cookies will absorb the apple’s moisture, keeping that fresh-baked softness for much longer.





Rapid-ripe Bananas

Have you ever had a recipe that called for ripened bananas, but you searched your freezer and realized you’re out? In the past, I only make banana bread when I had ripe bananas onhand, which wasn’t often. Now, I can make banana bread anytime with this banana-ripening trick:

Preheat your oven to 300 degrees. Place your bananas on a baking sheet and bake for about 30 minutes or until the skin of the banana is black. Let them cool for 30 minutes or throw them in the fridge to speed up cooling time.



Time for me to get back to work on another round of delicious, good-for-you baked goods. I hope you enjoyed learning some of my favorite baking hacks and if you try any of them, let me know how they work for you!


Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and kitchen adventures.


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