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About Irene’s Bakery

We at Irene’s Bakery & Gourmet Kitchen, Inc. are committed to supplying our customers with only the highest quality artisan bakery and prepared food products.

Our finest traditional Jewish products are made according to the best Jewish recipes to satisfy today’s consumers. Along with Jewish style bakery and deli products, we also sell mainstream products such as Blintzes, Knishes, Stuffed Cabbage, Soups, Cookies and Rugallah, along with our well-known fat- and sodium-free Biscotti.

All our products are of exceptional quality and are also delicious – we achieve this by using the best ingredients, such as Organic Unbleached Flours, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice and Kosher Meats. We do not use food additives, colors, hydrogenated oils or any food preservatives in our operations.


Irene’s Bakery used to be a “Mom and Pop” shop, providing local deli and convenience stores in primarily the Philadelphia area with great Jewish food. This unfortunately meant that many communities across the country did not know about Irene’s Bakery, or if they did, their local markets did not carry Irene’s products.

In 2002, Irene’s Bakery was bought by a young, enthusiastic couple: Irina and Daniel Zelikovich. With strong leadership characteristics, boundless energy and admirable dedication to the business, they were able to make Irene’s Bakery to what it is today: An all-natural food manufacturer, supplying companies like Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, King’s and Shop Rite across the country, as well as local supermarkets such as Acme and Giant. With strong beliefs and dedication to the company, Irene’s Bakery has built relationships with grocers nationwide, ensuring that its products are never too far out of your reach.

Irene’s Bakery complies with the highest food industry standards. It has established an ongoing food safety audit program that is managed by AIB International, and was awarded the “Excellence Achievement Certificate” for the years 2003 and 2004. Convinced that a company is only as good as its people, Irina and Daniel have established a lasting relationship with employees and have built a growing and successful business. Their slogan, “Always strive to be the best”, makes people surrounding them understand that only the sky is the limit.


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